Wet Cast Stone

Manufactured to specifications which exceed BS1217:2008 , our cast stone is suitable for a variety of projects from small house extensions and builds, to large scale housing developments and construction projects.

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Our ability to design and produce a product that will be aesthetically pleasing, architecturally accurate and comparable to natural stone in its durability and long term weathering resistance is reflected in the range projects that we have been involved with.

Wet Cast products are used where dry casting is not practical for structural reasons, i.e. size of element, congested reinforcement etc. or for reasons of complexity of shape and/or decoration.

Both dry and wet cast products may be juxtaposed in the facade. Their surface finishes therefore must be closely compatible; good mix designs and controlled batching being especially important.

In the wet cast process, low to medium slump concrete, tinted as necessary, is used throughout the element. Whereas a dry cast stone finish may be achieved without after-finishing, wet cast stone products require removal of the laitance formed against the mould face to expose the intrinsic nature of the stone and sand particles. This may be achieved in several ways such as acid etching, hand rubbing with a mildly abrasive stone, power grinding and polishing, producing a range of colours and textures.

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