Cast stone Quoins are finished “L”-shaped blocks used to finish off corners, they can be used as flush blocks in elevations of ashlar, or projecting chamfered blocks in elevations of render or split face textured walling.

Our Quoins are produced in thicknesses to suit various walling finishes and in heights of 140, 215 and 290mm to suit brick, blockwork or masonry coursing.

They are also suitable for use in both traditional and timber framed buildings.

Quoins are an ideal feature and decorative solution when forming corners, eliminating the introduction of “cut” blocks.

Cast Stone - Plean Precast

Chamfered Quoins

(348mm x 232mm)
Chamfered Quoins have a 20mm x 20mm chamfer to all outside edges and are either 120mm thick overall for facing brick or masonry situations and 140mm thick overall for render or roughcast applications.

Ref: Thickness (mm) Height (mm)
SCQ1 120 215
SCQ2 120 290
SCQ3 140 215
SCQ4 140 290

Cast Stone


Plain Quoins

(440mm x 215mm)
Plain Quoins are either 100mm thick for facing brick or masonry applications, 120mm thick for render or roughcast applications or where a projection from the finished brickwork is required, or 140mm thick for use with our 140mm thick ashlar blocks.

Ref: Thickness (mm) Height (mm)
SPQ1 100 215 100 215
SPQ2 100 290 100 290
SPQ3 120 215 120 215
SPQ4 120 290 120 290
SPQ5 140 215 140 215
SPQ6 140 290 140 290

Cast Stone


Tooled Quoins

(440mm x 215mm)
Tooled Quoins are designed to be used in conjunction with our tooled ashlar blocks and are available in 100mm and 140mm thicknesses and heights of 215mm and 290mm. The toolings match our stugged (sparrow picked) and broached ashlar which has horizontal furrows with a 15mm smooth margin.

Stugged Quoins:

Ref: Thickness (mm) Height (mm)
SSQ1 100 215
SSQ2 100 290
SSQ3 140 215
SSQ4 140 290

Broached Quoins:

Ref: Thickness (mm) Height (mm)
SBQ1 100 215
SBQ2 100 290
SBQ3 140 215
SBQ4 140 290

Cast Stone


Small Plain Quoins

These small Quoins can be used in facing brick or masonry applications where small and relatively inexpensive Quoins are required. These are available in one thickness (100mm) and two heights, 140mm and 215mm.

Ref: Height (mm) L1 (mm) L2 (mm)
SEQ1 140 300 150
SEQ2 215 300 150
SEQ3 140 300 182
SEQ4 215 300 182
SEQ5 215 300 215

If these 100mm thick Quoins are used in roughcast applications, they can be built 20mm proud of the brick or block line to allow for the roughcast. Attention should be paid to the increased cavity – particularly in timber framed buildings where thicker cavity fire stops will be required.

Cast Stone


Special Custom Quoins

Special quoins, including obtuse and acute angled quoins can be produced to suit customer requirements at any height and leg lengths, however advisories may be made if the handling self-weight becomes excessive.

Cast Stone

Cast Stone


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