Cast Stone Production Methods

Manufactured strictly in accordance with all of the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015, Plean Cast Stone Masonry is a structural and architectural product. Dry cast or Wet cast, it closely resembles the natural product in appearance and characteristics in use.

Curing of masonry, wet or dry cast is carefully controlled particularly during the first 48 hours when products are maintained in an atmosphere free from draughts and at a constantly monitored level of humidity, prior to shrink-wrapping and placing in our outside stock yard.

Cast stone must be handled with care at all times particularly in the early stages of strength development. Units are placed on cushioned battens, protected from abrasion by impervious packing interposed between finished faces, arrises protected by cover edging, securely banded and enveloped in plastic sheeting.

Plean manufactures a diverse range of structural and decorative cast stone products. Our precast products include:

Cast Stone
A Range of Dry Cast and Wet Cast Masonry Products.

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