Cast Stone Project - Regents Park Villas

Quinlan Terry's Regent's Park villas are six large, detached villas on the north-western edge of London's Regent's Park.

Each house is designed in a different classical style, intended to be representative of the variety of classical architecture, naming them the Veneto Villa, Doric Villa, Corinthian Villa, Ionic Villa, Gothick Villa and the Regency Villa respectively.

The creator of the Regent's Park, the 18th-century architect John Nash, had intended to construct 48 villas in the park, but only eight were eventually constructed before 1826 when work on his scheme was stopped by the government. In 1987 the Regent Park's Crown Estate Commissioners commissioned the Neo-Classical English architect Quinlan Terry to build six detached villas that echoed the style of Nash. Terry said in an interview that the Crown Estate had told him to "step into Nash's shoes and carry on walking".

Once again, an outstanding showcase for cast stone by Plean Precast.

Cast Stone - Plean Precast

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Architect: Quinlan Terry

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