Environmental Policy

The company recognises that its operations can have an impact on the environment and is committed to minimising such environmental impacts by a planned and carefully co-ordinated Management System.

We will aim to:

• Minimise waste, conserve energy and other resources by using less and recycling more.
• Buy sustainable materials and make sure all our processes support the ethical and sustainable use of products and services.
• Encourage and support the use of environmentally friendly transport to reduce fuel and lower CO2 emissions.
• Reduce pollution including dust and noise.
• Contribute towards maintaining our green and open spaces

These commitments will be achieved by:

Concern for the environment ranks equally with other management responsibilities and business objectives and is seen to be an indication of effective working.

The Director responsible for Safety, Health and Environment has overall responsibility for formulation of the Safety, Health and Environmental Management System and its implementation and development.

To ensure that key personnel receive adequate and appropriate training.

Develop effective means for responding to incidents or emergencies thereby avoiding or minimising environmental damage and prevent recurrence.

The Policy will be brought to the attention of all employees who will be expected to co-operate with the implementation of the Policy. This policy will also be available on the company website.

The company commits to the need for continual improvement, compliance with legislation and other requirements where identified.

Annually, a review of environmental performance will be conducted. The Environmental Policy and procedures will be updated as often as is necessary to meet new legislation or business developments and, in any case, will always be revised annually.