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Based in central Scotland, Plean have now expanded to serve the whole of the UK particularly in the cast stone field, where through the introduction of machine-cast ashlar complementing the traditional hand-made products, they have made considerable gains.

The company is largely self-sufficient, providing an estimating and technical service in addition to its own drawing office, mould-making, production, reinforcement fabrication, transport and importantly, laboratory testing, research and development facilities.

Drawing Office
Our drawing office, once a contract is won, is the first step towards creating the finished article in accordance with Architects and Engineers design. Fully qualified and experienced draughtsmen, in close liaison with the Client, interpret and reflect the most intricate requirements accurately and clearly.

Mould Making
We set much store by the skills of our mould-makers working in timber, fibreglass and rubber to transpose the draughtsmans work into tangible form.

Our advance batching facilities, incorporating computerised moisture analysis coupled with extremely accurate automatic added-water control, ensures the production of consistent mixes, particularly important in a plant such as ours where a variety of structural and finishing mixes are required.

Dry and wet cast manufacturing processes are used, the former in masonry, particularly,
with its advantages in mould efficiency, speed of production where close resemblance to the appearance of natural stone is important. Wet cast is used in certain items of masonry and all forms of structural work including flooring, columns and beams, cladding panels, etc.

Structural Reinforcement Fabrication
Structural units require reinforcing. This is normally of mild steel high yield reinforcing bars and mesh but may be of galvanised, stainless or epoxy coated steel. The reinforcement may be heavy and congested or light and intricate. These demands are satisfied by our excellent reinforcement fabrication section, cutting, bending and fixing to fine tolerances.

Stockyard and Transportation
Our extensive stockyard coupled with our own transport facilities enable units to be stored and delivered to required delivery schedules.

Testing and Research Facilities
Production and technical facilities are supported by a well-equipped and staffed laboratory where all testing required in compliance with relevant British Standards is carried out together with research into materials, mix designs and work practices all aimed at continual improvement in standards.

From initial enquiry to satisfactory completion of supply all of the companys actions are governed by the requirements of our BSI Registered Quality Assurance Systems which, regularly audited by our own Quality Manager, are subject to random independent assessment of BSI Inspectors.

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Precast Stone Services

Precast Stone Services

Precast Stone Services